A Lease To Meet Your Business Needs

With leasing there’s no one-size fits all. Real Lease will tailor a lease to best meet your specific business situation. 

Capital Lease:

  • Perfect for companies that wish to own the equipment at lease end
  • Allows the full purchase price to be spread over the term of the lease; at lease end, you own the equipment for minimal payment 
  • Various Fair Market Value end-of-lease options available 
(i.e. FMV/10% or balloon payment)

Operating Lease:

  • Typically used for equipment which will maintain its value
  • Implemented for “off balance sheet” accounting practices
  • Offers numerous lease-end options

There are additional leases which offer more flexible payment plans and may be appropriate, pending your business situation:

Sale – Leaseback: An arrangement that conveys the asset to the leasing company in exchange for a lump sum payment. The leasing company then leases the equipment back to the original company.

Seasonal Lease: If your business is seasonal, equipment leasing companies can structure your lease with variable payments to accommodate that seasonality.

Skip Lease: An arrangement where lease payments are not paid every month, but only certain times during a year.

Deferred Lease: The initial lease payments are deferred (60, 90 or 120 days) to accommodate cash flow and budgeting requirements.

Stepped Lease: Lease payments are stepped up (or down) to accommodate the lessee’s anticipated cash flow pattern as the company begins to see its return.

Any of these lease structures can be included under one Master Lease. Establishing a Master Lease Agreement provides you with a pre-approved lease line to expedite future equipment acquisitions. 

Real Lease can help you determine the leasing strategy that makes the most sense for your business situation.