Energy Project Partner of Choice

energy-thumbReal Lease is one of a very few companies with energy project financing expertise. Over the past 20 years, Real Lease has originated and facilitated the funding of more than $1 billion in energy project transactions. Real Lease is the energy project partner of choice – the energy project financing authority–working in collaboration with school districts, public housing authorities, cities, towns and villages, to provide expert financial project management and transactional oversight.

We Understand the Complexities of Energy Project Financing

  • Real Lease understands the unique and ever-changing nature of energy project financing
  • We follow a Best Practices Process to ensure the seamless implementation and timely completion of the financial aspects of an energy project
  • Each financing package is customized to meet the specific parameters of the project
  • Real Lease analyzes and assesses the project parameters and provides counsel on the most efficient, most effective ways to structure the financing—then facilitate the transaction

We Manage Every Detail … So You Don’t Have To

  • Real Lease will take the lead role on research, documentation and approvals
  • We keep you informed of every task and keep in control of every decision, every step of the way

We Get It Done On Time … and On Budget

  • Let’s you concentrate on what you do best, while Real Lease manages the intricate financing details of your project
  • Ensures that your energy project is delivered on time and on budget