Real Lease Makes It Real Easy

The Real Lease funding process is simple and easy with your busy schedule and workload in mind.  We'll work with you every step of the way to successfully fund your equipment. Here’s how it works:

Consultation — Real Lease will meet with you to recommend and structure a lease that meets your specific needs and budget, while considering the rules, regulations, laws and bylaws governing your municipal entity.
Proposal — Your will promptly receive a proposal from Real Lease with the leasing terms and conditions for the Tax-Exempt Lease-Purchase acquisition.
Acquisition — Your purchasing department negotiates all price and delivery terms, and selects the equipment vendor of your choice. You purchase order initiates the equipment acquisition.
Contract — Real Lease prepares the necessary paperwork and executes the Tax-Exempt Lease-Purchase Agreement in order to ensure prompt acquisition and funding.
Acceptance — The lease commences once your authorized representative signs the Certificate of Acceptance.
Funding — Upon acceptance or the equipment, Real Lease will make the required payment to the equipment vendor.

Important: Your organization will simply manage equipment maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc., as you would with any equipment that you would own.